Get Target Coupons on Your Cell Phone

New Target coupons brought to your cell!

This is a new program brought to you by Target, you can now get coupons delivered straight to your cell phone!

Go HERE to sign up. You'll be asked for your cell phone number, submit, and then you should start to receive exclusive Target store coupons.

One of the best tips most people may not know about using coupons, is that you can "stack" coupons at most stores, Target included. "Stacking" coupons just means that you can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon to increase your savings! Now, this doesn't mean you can use two manufacturer's coupons for the same item, that's not allowed. But, you are allowed to use two coupons if one of the coupons comes directly from a store. Like Target for example, their store coupons usually have the Target "bulls eye" symbol on the face of the coupon and will say "Target Coupon" instead of "Manufacture Coupon"

To use the coupons on your phone, the cashier will just scan the bar code directly from your phone! Thus saving you the hassle of remembering where you put your coupons while you shopped. And again, these electronic Target coupons can be stacked with a manufacture coupon to maximize your savings!


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