My Very First Post as OKC Savings

Hello and Welcome!
This is a big day for me, I finally decided to set up a blog dedicated to all the ways you can save money. For the last six months or so, I started finding all the ways I could save money here and there to stretch our budget. I can honestly say, I never imagined all the ways I could be saving my hard earned dollars! Now, don't get me wrong, I am still very much a beginner, I don't go to the grocery store, fill up an entire shopping cart and leave only having spent $2, or even better, having the store pay me to take all their food. But, my family and I do very well with a budget of only about $40-50 a month on food for 3 people. My goal though is to become one of those people who can somehow, have it all on a very small budget.

My history with budgeting:
I knew about coupons, and I have used them before, but I had no idea how much you could actually save. I had always thought coupons were just a way for companies to get you to buy their brand name item and only save around .30 cents, what a waste of time and energy to clip that stupid coupon, it just didn't seem worth it. But, as I found out, there are so many other things that come into factor when it comes to savvy shopping. It's knowing when to shop, how to budget, where to find the coupons and deals, and knowing how to decipher the fine print.

So, as for my introduction to this blog, I can't promise that I'll save your life, I'm just doing this so I don't have to keep fowarding on the same "deal" e-mails I've found to people who might just be as interested in them as I am. This just makes it a little more simple for me..

Thank you all for reading and hopefully I won't disappoint!


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