Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday

Ok, so here's what arrived in my mailbox this Monday, and oh my gosh was there a LOT!
A Chase $100 promotion if you open a new bank account, which I needed to!
FREE Uni-Ball Super Ink pen along with a $1 off coupon
What to expect your third trimester booklet with HIGH value formula coupons. I don't know who thinks I'm still pregnant?! Should I be offended? Nah. I'll just pass them along..
My Pull-Ups House Party Potty Dance Kit!!! It included:
  • Several $2/1 coupons for my Potty Dance guests
  • One FREE coupon for Pull-Ups for the host
  • Lots of 3 FREE magazine issues to give to guests
  • A HUGE stack of 35 FREE song downloads for the guests
  • DVDs for the Potty Dance
  • And, as the host, I received an electronic photo key chain!
I can't tell you how much I LOVE being a House Party member! Click my House Party button on the toolbar to the right to find out more, or go HERE. They are awesome!
A FREE Gillette Fusion razor from ShopText. Promotion has ended.
A vintage looking calendar and newspaper that promoted everything L. Ron Hubbard.. Don't know where that came from?
A, um, ah-hem, FREE condom from Sensis. ::Face just turned red::
And, last but not least, FREE subscriptions to Forbes, Family Fun, and Parenting magazines!
All in all, I'd say I had a pretty good Mailbox Monday, wouldn't you?

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